Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]


[PPLV] - [O.o]:

Next Clan War with the ''Ownage Owls'' Clan. 

Date: 25 October 2009. Time:  3 pm.  GMT +/-  

Place:  The [O_o] server, ip: 

Leader Name, Names:  [O.o]Alpha, [O.o]Mdbelen, [O.o]ToMo. 

How many players will be there: 10 players;  5 of the PPLV Clan, 5 of the Ownage Owls Clan. 

-------CLAN WAR CANCELED-------

Reason: 3 Person was in DM from PPLV Clan and Anybody wasn't in DM from the [O_o] Clan.
War date delayed to ** November 2009.

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