Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]

 [PPLV] - [Hitman]:

Next Clan War with the ''Hitman'' Clan. 
Date:  10'th of April 2010  Time: 6 pm.    GMT: +/- 0 ( England / London timezone )   
Place: Ownage Owls Server - Clan War Mode ( Be on ptp server if you haven't got email contact. )
Leader Name:  [Hitman]Jimmy[NO]. 
How many players will be there: 10 players;  5 of the PPLV Clan, 5 of the Hitman Clan. 
 Player Names of clans:
-APTEM[PPLV] ( unclear )
-EMRE[PPLV] ( unclear )
-GOKTAN[PPLV] ( unclear )

-------CLAN WAR CANCELED-------

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