Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]
  Clan Rules

Rules of PPLV Clan:

1. Do not fight with your team-mates.
2. Respect people in your team. Do not use obscene/offensive words to them or anyone.(Fuck, Shit, Asshole, Shut up...)
3. Do not use Cheats!
4. Do not Spam or Flood the chat or you will be BANNED. 
5. Do not change your Nickname. (You can't use another team or clan tag on your name.)
6. Be an  active player on the PTP server.
7. Do not speak about politics in server.
8. Only PPLV testers can test players who wish to join the clan. Only the clan leader can take players in PPLV and can give them [PPLV] clan tag.

* ''Assist - Protect - Defend '' Remember this all the time...

NOTE: These rules are subject to change without any notification. It is your responsiblity to keep updated. 

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