Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]
  About Us


 We don't use cheats or another out of rules things. 

 We don't kill eachother for score. 

 We protect the president to the death while we are security. 

 We kill president to the death while we are terrorist(And if president is not one of PPLV member). 
 We use our stunt skills to protect president or surviving while we are president.


Units of PPLV Clan:


More About PPLV:

  We are the one of offical clans in Protect the President Server.

  PPLV Clan has got patents of PPLS, PPSF, PPNSA, PPWV and all rounds of PTP Servers. PPLV doesn't mean only in Las Venturas. PPLV for everwhere and everytime.  © 2007 - 2010 PPLV webme GmbH

We are on the PTP since 2007.

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