Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]

Anti Cheater Squad : ACS

What does Anti Cheater Squad stand for?

This is not a fighter unit or something like that, its a neutral unit against hackers.

ACS is an unit in PPLV, since ACS has joined in to PPLV. ACS's Head is Aswin[PPLV].

You can contact with COBRA[PPLV], if you want to join this unit.

You can join this unit, if you are in PPLV.

How to join unit:

  • Report 10 Cheater in the PTP Server.
  • Do not break the server and clan rules.
  • Take a Screenshoot of your 5 report.
  • Contact with the ACS's Head ( COBRA[PPLV] ).

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