Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]


 PPLV History

PPLV is the clan from Protect the President Server since June 2007. 
''PPLV'' clan name comes from the first PTPLV Server. 
Server name was Protect the President Las Venturas.
This was because at the time, only one round existed; Las Venturas.
PTPLV Server 0.1b version closed in 2008 summer. Then, we moved to PTP 0.2 Server.
PTP Server 0.2 version name was different, as more rounds existed.
The rounds were in Las Venturas, Los Santos, San Fierro and West Venturas.
PTP Server 0.3 Version has opened in Fall 2009.
We are currently playing in PTP 0.3 Server.

About PPLV

We don't use cheats or anything else which does not obey the rules.
We don't kill each other for gaining score.
We protect the president till death while we are defending.
We kill president till death while we are terrorist (provided the president is not a PPLV member). 
We use our stunt skills to protect president or surviving while we are president.
We recruit only the best players in Protect the President server.




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