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Idle; Who not seen in a long time:
(Idle members will be welcomed anytime when they comes back active again.)

#-) BUFU[PPLV]        {Member}
He is good at killing president. He is awsome on rustler when he Terrorsit.
#-)Zim0ek[PPLV]:           {assistance}      
He can kill the president in 1 minute. He is a nice killer and he likes driving the hydra.  

#-)Doctor[PPLV]:      {Assistant}

He is a one of first members. He is a good cop and good doctor. He is one of old regular players.

#-)VIPER[PPLV] :     {Member}

He is king of the drift. He can drive cars exactly and fastly. He is awsome on bikes. He called with ''Racer''.

#-)Oguzhan[PPLV]:    {Assistant}
He once killed a terrorist from 100 m, with Desert Eagle. He is great on bmx. He can jump 3th floor with bike.

#)GOKTAN[PPLV]:   {Assistant}
He is awsome at driving cars and is a nice driver. He is a racing man. He has nice killing tacktics and is awesome with the hydra.

#)PITON[PPLV]:   {Member}
He drives rustlers awsome, he has a good flying skills. He has a good killing level. You can ask him everything about Computer Systems.

#)Nova[PPLV]:  {Member}
He is like a star. He usually drives a bike or bmx.

#)Adeel[PPLV]:  {Leader}
Another leader of the PPLV. He is magnificent on the bikes. 

 #)Rudzik[PPLV]:  {Assistant}
He is good on rustlers and he has a good killing level. He uses the stunts when he was doing President duty.

#)EMREPPLV]:   {Member}
He is awsome at driving NRG's and Hydra's. He is the second best hydra driver after COBRA. He has got a good killing level. 

#)Miki[PPLV]:  {Member}
She is professional security. She has got number 1 position on the ''Topkills'' list.

#)MireK_ZioM[PPLV]:  {Member}
He is good as security. He protects the president everytime and he moves as team.

#)AkerJX[PPLV]:  {Member}
He doesn't speak so much because he can't speak english verywell. But he plays the game with tactics, same as chess.

   {Senior Assistant}
He is a good Pawno scripter. He has a good killing performance and good at hydra. He is owner of TvS Server.

#Thoria[PPLV]:  {Assistant}
He is a really good protecter. He protects the president very well and he drives cars like a proper driver. His old nick is NightWisH[PPLV].

#Madalin[PPLV]:   {Assistant}
He is one of person who have been listed at Top 10 Kills list at PTP Server. He is good killer and dueler. Also he is good driver.

#Venom[PPLV]:   {Assistant}
He can survive as president always when he has got NRG. Also he is perfect stunter. He has got nice behaviour to his clan mates.

#Soap[PPLV]:   {New Member}

#Borat[PPLV]:  {Co-Leader}
He is very good on civillian class. He has nice skills on Desert Eagle and Rustlers. 

#Sephiroth[PPLV]:   {New Member}

#RICKY[PPLV]:  {Co_Leader}
He was an admin in the server. He is good at driving bikes, He has good consistent killing performance and is regular about duels.

#GroundZero[PPLV]:  {Senior Assistant}
He is one of the oldest players from PTP that still play and he is PTP's first VIP member. He is very good driver and he is good at shooting. He is an easy guy to talk and he is always willing to help someone out.

#Zwitter[PPLV]:    {Senior Assistant}
He has got very good skills about flying with rustler. Also he is good drifter and drive-by'er.

#Arash[PPLV]:   {Senior Assistant}
He plays with teamwork usually, he is good as civillian and security. He is so consistent with others. He is VIP in PTP server.

Who left by himself/herself:

#-)Nookie[PPLV]:          {Authoritative}
He is the one of best players on sa-mp. His Hitman level is very good. He can kill someone from a 50m distance.

#-)TurKes[PPLV]:          {Member}
He always has the highest killing score in the game. He is a perfect shooter with and has hitman skills. He can kill someone with
headshot over 30 metres away, don't get into a row with him.

#-)AlvaroTiti[PPLV]:         {Authoritative}.
He has got good killing and diriving skills. He rocks the server when he got bike and hydra.

#-)Aswin[PPLV]:         {Assistant}
He is moderator in server. He is Anti Cheater Squad ( ACS: Unit of PPLV ) Leader. 

#-)JaSoN[PPLV]:      {Member}

#)Omega[PPLV]:       {Authoritative}
He is a professional Java Scripter.He rocks when he civillian. Good desert eagle user and stunter.   

He plays with team friend and moves cleverly always. He is civillian usually and he can kill president while he civillian so easy. He has got talents on music. 

#)Exio[PPLV]:     {Member}
He is good stunter and excelent drive-by'er. He is decent player with good behaviour. He is VIP in PTP.

#-)Skyfire[PPLV]:          {Member}
He is new member.

#-)Goldy[PPLV]:          {Member}
He is new member.

#-)PriMoz[PPLV]:          {Senior Assistant}
You can see him as civillian so many times. He is very good helicopter pilot and awsome helikiller. 

#-)Rolan_420[PPLV]:          {Member}
He is new member.

#Frez[PPLV]:  {Assistant}
He is one of our best players, very good with uzi, he can kill you easily with chainsaw and sniper. Very good player overall.

#-)HiTo[PPLV]:          {Member}
He is new member.

#Manuel[PPLV]:   {Senior Assistant}
He is always police or security. He wants to be on defend side everytime and he defends so perfect. He has got good skills on M4.


#-)Arabiane[PPLV]   {Co Leader}
He is perfect Mountain Bike driver. One of the best as president with MTB. Friendly and respectful person.

#ApoCalyPsE[PPLV]     {Senior Assistant}
He is good stunter and he is awsome on the bikes when he President.

#-)Haunt3r[PPLV]       {New Member}

#-)NightDewiL[PPLV]   {Professional}
He is best dueler at PTP. He uses his weapons professional and good at security class.

Known as a funny player, always in topkills of PTP Plan B and he's good with Uzi.

The Phenom of the PTP. His mind games and perfect use of weapons make his enemy think about him. Players fear the owner of the dark side.


Who kicked from the PPLV:

#-)TerensRUS[PPLV]       {Member}  [ Broken clan rule: 5 ]
He is awsome on the hydra. And he is good president.

#-)DownHill[PPLV]:          {Assistant} [ Broken clan rule: 1 and 2 ]
He drives a dodo very well and is great on planes. He can land over the top of some buildings. Lastly he is a stuntman.

#-)Reys[PPLV]       {Member}  [ Broken clan rule: 3 ]
He is a good shooter of the PPLV team. His other name is Agent_Reys[PPLV] He always protects you when your with him or tell him to. He is usually President or Vice.

#-)IceBear[PPLV]:       {Member}  [
Broken clan rule: 5 ]
He is a nice stunter.And he is adminstrator in PTP Server.He has got a good killing level.

#-)XRVX[PPLV]:       {New Member}  [ Broken clan rule: 6 ]  

#-)Storm[PPLV]:       {New Member}  [ Betrayed to PPLV ]   

#-)Hulk[PPLV]:       {New Member}  [ Betrayed to PPLV ]  

#-)SillyDog[PPLV]:       {New Member}  [ Broken clan rule: 2 ]   

#-)Desi[PPLV]:  {Assistant}  Broken clan rule: 3 ]
He is terrorist usually. He can kill president so easy and nice attacker. Also, he is not bad as president too.

#-)SoLoD[PPLV]       {Co-leader}  Broken clan rule: 1 and 2 ] 
He succesfully safe with when he is president. He nice a killer and President. He was using the APTEM[PPLV] nickname. He is stunt master.

#-)Wael[PPLV]:       {New Member}  [ Betrayed to PPLV ]    

#-)FiR@S[PPLV]:       {New Member}  [ Betrayed to PPLV ]    

#-)LasTeR[PPLV]:      {Regular Member}    Broken clan rule: 3 ]
He is good at drive-by, fantastic team player and skillfull in serveral killing style. He is serious and has no kidding with enemies.

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