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Leader of the team. He is Administrator in the server. He is the brain power of the PPLV. He is great on flying objects. And good at driving helicopters, he loves flying hydra.

He is a stunter. He is awsome on bikes. His best tool is M4. He survives when he president. His name was SuperKiller[PPLV].

He is very good stunter and he is using M4 like as his natural part. Also he was on /topkills for a long time. Like a killing machine. His name was HasmA[PPLV].

He is perfect Mountain Bike driver. One of the best as president with MTB. Friendly and respectful person.

He is very good on civillian class. He is using flying vehicles as professional. He is VIP in PTP Server.      

He was one of the first players in PPLV. He plays with a good performance and he doesn't talk so much but he knows the duties of teams.

He is a good stunter. He hangs around with team always. He is one of oldest PTP players.

He is good stunter and he is awesome on the bikes when he President.

He is always willing to help, you can always count on him. He's very good terrorist and he always kills the president.


He's a very good player, probably the best helikiller in PTP. He's like an eagle in air.


He is best dueler at PTP. He uses his weapons professional and good at security class.


He's a very skilled and funny player, you always have fun with him. He's cute little bunny, but very deadly.

He has great drive-by skills. His on foot skills also unbeatable. A good team player and his killer eyes can spot enemies from far away.

He plays as a police usually. His favorite killing style is helikill.

He is a skillful foot dueler and bike driver. His best tool is Desert Eagle.

Drive well with infernus mature player. He has a very good aim with deagle and shotgun.

He is good at drive-by, chases best with heli and dangerous with sniper in hand.

Best president hunter in server. He loves flying with rustler and hydra.

Known as a funny player, always in topkills of PTP Plan B and he's good with Uzi.

LasteR[PPLV] - 

He is good at drive-by, fantastic team player and skillfull in serveral killing style. He is serious and has no kidding with enemies.

Crash[PPLV] - 
He is new member. Will get updated soon.   

Deadman[PPLV] - 
He is new member. Will get updated soon.   

Bingo[PPLV] - 
He is new member. Will get updated soon.   





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