Protect the President Las Venturas [PPLV]
Maddy has been kicked from PPLV
COBRA on 10.06.2017, 16:13 (UTC)
 Maddy[PPLV] has been kicked from clan. Broken clan rule 3.

New PPLV member.
COBRA on 29.05.2017, 11:31 (UTC)
 Bingo[PPLV] has joined us.

Kicked form clan
COBRA on 21.05.2017, 16:39 (UTC)
 21/05/17 -FIR@S[PPLV] and Wael[PPLV] have been kicked from clan.

New PPLV Members
COBRA on 11.04.2017, 19:44 (UTC)
 Crash[PPLV], FIR@S[PPLV] and Wael[PPLV] have joined us.

PPLV Member kicked from clan
COBRA on 15.01.2017, 14:30 (UTC)
 SoLoD has been kicked from PPLV.
Reasons: Broken clan rules number: 1 and 2.

New PPLV members!
COBRA on 13.01.2017, 09:13 (UTC)
 LaSter[PPLV] and MadDy[PPLV] have joined us!


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